Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Inbox Pounds review.

OK I have been using this site for over a year now and I have had 1 cheque from them but I also have enough for a second cheque soon, the surveys are very hit and miss and I just avoid them as they generally end up being dead end but I have never seen surveys as viable on the internet.

The way I use this is to just run my cash searches which gives me 15p per day guaranteed and you get a loyalty bonus for searching using them for 5 days in a row. I have also referred to friends who use it as well. I did have a minor issue with my first cheque as I put the wrong address down, took about 3 weeks to arrive but I guessed that would happen.

15p per day works out at £54.75

Things I would never do

1. Pay out any money for products (Ever)
2. Give any bank details out
3. Use their surveys
4. Sign up for any casinos or gambling sites

But generally I think this is safe money for free if you could use a few extra pennies. I think use common sense with this site and you will be fine.

Share your links over the internet and get paid.

A link shortener is a online tool that’ll help you to shorten any links that you want to share on anywhere like Facebook and Twitter, using these shortener tools will help you to avoid being flagged as spam in social networks.

Here’s a link shortener site called Shorte.st that’ll help you earn good amount of money without much effort. In this Shorte.st Review, I’ll explain how you can easily use this tool to make money without having your own blog.

What is Shorte.st?

As I already mentioned above, Shorte.st is a European based link shortener tool that is connected with advertising network so that we get paid when we shorten a link and make someone click on it.

Unlike other link shortener sites, Shorte.st is the best and easy way to earn some good money. Shorte.st don’t need the single pixel of your webpage space rather they simply take care of your links.

Features of Shorte.st

Shorte.st link shortening service basically provide an unique style of showing ads where viewer can redirect to the original link within 5 sec. So you can use this simple tool to shorten any links that you want to share online and make some decent cash.High CPM rates with global coverageUser-friendly integration and wide range of tools20% commission on referrals – lifetime: you can refer your friends and earn 20% of commissionsShorte.st Rates per 1,000 views: their rates ranges from 0.3$ – 1.66$ depending on the clicks came from country

Shorte.st provides varies monetization tools; you can make use of these tools to increase your earnings.

How to Register with Shorte.st

Registering an account with Shorte.st is quite easy, just follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Visit Shorte.st” tab in the upper-right side.

2. You will see a simple form with 3 fields that you need to fill – email address, confirm email and password. Accept terms & conditions

3. click the “register” button – that’s the orange one. You can also Register through Facebook by clicking on blue button.

And that’s it! Now check your inbox for an activation email and confirm your email address.

Now you can start shortening and sharing your links to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you want. You can also implement your shorten links to your Blog posts if you have a blog.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Adsoptimal The Best Adsense Alternative

Earn highest revenues for your mobile web.

Here, I will share my knowledge about Adsoptimal the best Adsense alternative. Adsoptimal (Social Nation Inc) is an advertising company that was established in October 2012 in San Francisco, California. AdsOptimal offers innovative ad unit, designed and optimized for mobile sites and also for Desktop. Adsoptimal partner with Double Click, Criteo and many others bringing you the best ad network and top dollars. With their innovative ad tech, they help publishers increase website revenue from both web and mobile. We can say it is the best PPC(Pay Per Click).

Why Adsoptimal The Best Adsense Alternative?

 Adsoptimal no different from other PPC programs as program advertising. But there are more things that I think Adsoptimal is very good PPC program. Easy to get a Publisher account, Usually every publisher who signed up will be accepted in 1-2 days.Do not need to have a website or blog that high traffic. If you are a newbie in blogger or your website is very new then it is perfect for you. Adsoptimal ads are available for both Mobile and Desktop userYou can earn $5-$10 easily. You can request a payment every time you reach $50.Methods of regular payments using Paypal.

How To Get An Adsoptimal Publisher Account? 

 1. Visit this Link first: adsoptimal.com

 2. Now click On Sign Up Button

 3.  Next enter your email address, password, name and tick mark their T&C and click submit.
 4. After you register and wait for 1-2 days. after approval you need to add ads code on your blog or website
 5. For WordPress User, you can use Adsoptimal WordPress Plugin

 6. For blogger or others, you can use Adsoptimal Ads Code.To get ads code click on

 7. Next copy the ads code and insert  in your blog head. If your site or blog posts, articles or contents are premium and unique you will get free $15 for the first time.Certainly! If you successfully refer a friend, you will get commission plus 10% of his earnings for a year.