Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Share your links over the internet and get paid.

A link shortener is a online tool that’ll help you to shorten any links that you want to share on anywhere like Facebook and Twitter, using these shortener tools will help you to avoid being flagged as spam in social networks.

Here’s a link shortener site called Shorte.st that’ll help you earn good amount of money without much effort. In this Shorte.st Review, I’ll explain how you can easily use this tool to make money without having your own blog.

What is Shorte.st?

As I already mentioned above, Shorte.st is a European based link shortener tool that is connected with advertising network so that we get paid when we shorten a link and make someone click on it.

Unlike other link shortener sites, Shorte.st is the best and easy way to earn some good money. Shorte.st don’t need the single pixel of your webpage space rather they simply take care of your links.

Features of Shorte.st

Shorte.st link shortening service basically provide an unique style of showing ads where viewer can redirect to the original link within 5 sec. So you can use this simple tool to shorten any links that you want to share online and make some decent cash.High CPM rates with global coverageUser-friendly integration and wide range of tools20% commission on referrals – lifetime: you can refer your friends and earn 20% of commissionsShorte.st Rates per 1,000 views: their rates ranges from 0.3$ – 1.66$ depending on the clicks came from country

Shorte.st provides varies monetization tools; you can make use of these tools to increase your earnings.

How to Register with Shorte.st

Registering an account with Shorte.st is quite easy, just follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Visit Shorte.st” tab in the upper-right side.

2. You will see a simple form with 3 fields that you need to fill – email address, confirm email and password. Accept terms & conditions

3. click the “register” button – that’s the orange one. You can also Register through Facebook by clicking on blue button.

And that’s it! Now check your inbox for an activation email and confirm your email address.

Now you can start shortening and sharing your links to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you want. You can also implement your shorten links to your Blog posts if you have a blog.